Q. Coastal Cleaners just cleaned my carpets – how do I keep them looking great?

A. First, make sure to vacuum regularly with a good-quality vacuum. That will help you get rid of all the dirt, even the dirt you can’t see with the naked eye. Just having the right equipment can help you kept your carpet cleaner.

If you’re trying to clean up a spill, it’s important to use products that don’t need to be rinsed after – don’t use laundry soap or hard flooring cleaners. Instead, add one drop of dish soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to a cup of water. Dip a white towel in the water and blot out the spill. Scrubbing can damage the carpet fibres, so only dab.

Q. How should I maintain my carpet?

A. To keep your carpet looking its best:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Clean spills right away
  • Have the carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year

If your carpet has a texture retention warranty, It will need a professional cleaning every year and a half.

Q. Is do-it-yourself carpet cleaning okay?

A. While we highly recommend at least yearly carpet cleaning, here are some guidelines for cleaning your carpet yourself:

  • Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and don’t over-apply detergent.
  • Rinse and extract thoroughly. Most “home use” machines have very low water lift, which means to get out most of the water you might have go over the area more than once without water in the machine and only using the suction setting.
  • Use a machine with a built-in heater. Hot tap water won’t give you the best clean and is not recommended for cleaning a whole room. Water in the machine should be at less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit at all times during the cleaning.
  • Use only carpet-safe cleaning solutions. To avoid voiding your warranty, don’t use cationic or chemicals with a pH greater than 10.
  • Remember that maintaining your warranty will need a professional cleaning at least every 18 months.

Q. Are all professional carpet cleaners alike?

A. No, because if your carpet cleaning technician isn’t properly trained then your carpets will not be completely cleaned. Your carpet cleaning professional should be certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, which is earned through comprehensive training and examinations. This certification will show you that your technician knows that they’re doing.

Q. How does Scotchgard™ Protection work?

A. Scotchgard provides effective carpet protection by surrounding each fibre. This improves the fibres' resistance to stains and everyday soiling.

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